This page contains a list of applications devleoped using Tyler and Smith County data. If you have an idea for an application, please leave a comment or message me on Twitter.

Make Tyler Weird

A community-created index of all things that make Tyler unique. Based on the LocalWiki platform.

Map: 2010 Census: Racial diversity in Smith County (source)

A map of racial demographics in Tyler and Smith County based on 2010 census data.

Map: Sidewalks of Tyler, Texas (source)

A thorough map of the pedestrian infrastructure in Tyler.

Smith County Boundary Service (source)

An API for easily working with Tyler and Smith County GIS data. Also includes a simple application for finding what geographies a given address (or your current location) reside in.

Smith County Economic Atlas (source)

A treemap representation of the economy of Smith County.

Tyler home values, 2011 (source)

A map of the assessed values of individually owned properties in Tyler.

Tyler On Time (source)

An unofficial web and mobile application for keeping track of the bus schedule in Tyler.

Tyler Public Art (source)

A visual index of all public art in Tyler.

Tyler Sirens (source)

A real-time police report map, with live updates as you browse.

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